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Forté Systems, the preeminent chiropractic software company, has created a Patient Relationship Software package that is used widely throughout the industry. The reviews of Chiro 8000 point to its success in paving the way to more successful chiropractic practices. Reviews of Chiro 8000 affirm that this software assists doctors in cementing long term doctor-patient relationships. Forté's Chiro 8000 is the first software to offer a true interconnection for the areas of billing, scheduling, office management, marketing, EMR/EHR, communication, patient education, collections, and employee management, according to these reviews.

Conceived to maintain and enhance the efficiency of chiropractic practices, the Chiro 8000 Patient Relationship Software is designed to assist doctors as they grow patient volume. Reviews of the Chiro 8000 have praised the comprehensive thought behind offering five levels of features: Professional, Pioneer, Propel, Paramount, and Premiere. Doctors are able to invest in only the base level required at the time of purchase without being penalized for practice growth in the future. Chiro 8000 can be upgraded at any time simply by paying the difference in cost between the original purchase and the retail price of the upgrade level.
The Chiro 8000 product line is created with a unique Windmill Technology, and includes a 3D animation module and ancillary marketing services. Several Chiro 8000 reviews explain the benefits gained from utilizing fully integrated and turn-key solutions for new patient lead generation, electronic claims processing, online patient statements, credit card processing, practice website creation and billing code libraries.
Recent reviews of the Chiro 8000 patient relationship software also demonstrate that the chiropractic-focused research and development from day one enable it to meet the unique requirements of a chiropractic practice. Other chiropractic software systems may have evolved from MD or accounting applications that were later altered, but according to Chiro 8000 reviews this software product is, and has always been, Chiropractic software at its core. Over 200 Chiropractors nationwide are members of a User Feedback Committee in order to insure that doctors, not just software engineers, are guiding the direction of ongoing updates and revisions.

Chiro 8000 reviews have pointed out that this Patient Relationship Software product line is Microsoft® certified to meet the strict development standards set and maintained by Microsoft®. Chiro 8000 has a very familiar look and feel to users of the popular Microsoft® products, and this also assists in speeding up training time. As an added note, Forté Systems was one of the first healthcare companies to be Vista compatible.

For more information and reviews about the Chiro 8000 line of Chiropractic Patient Relationship Software, the company can be contacted at (800) 456-2622. Find additional reviews at the Chiro 8000 website by visiting Individual departments may also be contacted at the email addresses noted below.

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